Over the past 20 years I’ve done a lot of marketing, event production and promotion, social media management and online advertising.

I also got very much involved in building businesses for “off-line community creation”: a world famous Indoor Skatepark, 6 Coworking Spaces, an event space/recording studio, a small theatre. Founder of italian food chain I Love Panzerotti, New York City. Founder of Marketing, Sponsorship and Social Media Management consulting agency Groovy Productions Srl, with clients such as TIM Telecom Italia, Coca Cola, Vans, EA Sports, Heineken. Inventor of world famous quit smoking gadget The Cigarette Counter and iPad Game Bush Pilot. Founder of Los Angeles modelling agency for the music industry Groovy Models. Manager of luxury “Aviators Resort” Ca’ Del Conte with restaurant, hotel, horse breeding, airplane runway.

I recently created a specific agency to deal with “all things media”, from web to videos/photography, all the way to marketing and business plan consulting. You can find info and a portfolio here: www.1000feetabove.com

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